Operation of Branded Concepts.

Creating strong branded living and working concepts,  we redefine and anticipate the way people work, live and play.

We create and operate.

Our business model is built on creating and operating concepts that introduce new perspectives on living and working. We actively integrate innovation, technology and mobility into our experiences, and we are not afraid to explore new territories that pave the way forward for future generations of students, starters and seniors. From full-service to shared services, we tap into society’s most pressing current and future needs.

Our Senior Living Concepts

Hamlet Living.

Hamlet is a contemporary senior living concept. We believe seniors today want homes that provide harmony, security and inspiration. With Hamlet, we are building a brand that contributes to senior living and introduces a new perspective in how people can embrace life at their later life stages. 

We believe the journey from independent to care living should be easy and seamless. A good relationship with the resident and their family, often their caretakers, is essential. We intend to create a living environment that addresses the mental and medical challenges by creating a positive and social living environment for seniors where their most urgent needs are supported by our local support team, bringing relief to the caretakers and medical specialists. This is our promise and contribution to society!

A Hamlet project offers a wide variety of mixed-use residences designed to facilitate independence. From owned homes and rental apartments to assisted living and full care. Signature features of the Hamlet Living brand include a large greenhouse, multifunctional areas such as a social kitchen and Activity lounge, all with a focus on providing livelihood, comfort and health to the residents.

  • Hamlet
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Our Target Projects.

  • (Entitled) development land sites - preference for new-built
  • Zoning allows for appropriate mix of residential, care and hospitality
  • Potentially existing buildings with conversion potential / historical character
  • >25,000 sq. m GFA buildable area
  • Combination with other (living) uses on the same site possible (i.e. student)

Our Target Locations.

  • Areas with >500,000 inhabitants
  • Multi-usage - student, work, culture
  • Beach/water or green, walking distance from public transportation link
  • Walking distance to supermarket / basic amenities

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Operational concept

Work Play Concept.