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Our Branded Concepts.

Creating strong branded living and working concepts,  we redefine and anticipate the way people work, live and play.

Hamlet Living.

Inspired by the new generation of active, independent and vital seniors and the growing demand of suitable living environments where seniors can connect, enjoy and meet, we created Hamlet Living. Our mission is to offer our residents a great place to live, to be active and to experience a fullfiling independent life. We offer a revolutionary hospitality concept that puts people at the core, with services and amenities, aiming to improve the wellbeing of everybody connected to our communities. 

Create a place of relevance is our statement. This means: live, meet, study, work or play as individual or with (new) friends and family, in an inspiring setting, close to leisure, retail and public transport. Our themes are: 
Green: green spaces from the communal to the private
Wood: use of wood and nature elements, to celebrate our community as our home
Health: focus on activity, health and well-being, with care when needed 
Social : public,open spaces such as Social Kitchen, restaurant and co-working. 

Our promise to investors - Your project by Hamlet
Hamlet is developed to fill the gap in the market of residential properties for senior living, inspired by co-living and co-working concepts, with a strong focus on mix-use common areas and strong hospitality driven services. 
A Hamlet will offer apartments for sale and for rent, as well as Assisted Living Apartments and Guest house apartements. 

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CATO Urban Smart Living.

The residential market needs fresh thinking and smart solutions. Inspired by the next generation, the need for co-working at home and trends in retail and home industry, we have developed the vision for CATO. CATO is a branded operating company of institutional quality for investors and at the same time a smart urban lifestyle for residents.

CATO is based on four key fundamentals: 
Nature:  Sustainability will be the way of life in CATO, always enhancing it for the next generation.
Intimacy: Instantly feeling at home, we create a community with sense of belonging.
Simplicity: Technology that's simple, intuitive and enriches the human experience.
Connection & Creation: A connected space where life is celebrated and allows for working from home together

Our promise to investors - Your building by CATO
Blending long & short stay through simple online leasing
Being flexible in terms of look & feel per asset
Retaining flexibility upon exit/transaction
Reducing leasing/marketing costs, optimizing lease-up speed
Making informed decisions through data driven management
Having real impact, reducing your carbon footprint

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